Solo guitar

Live recordings of my own arrangements, mostly on acoustic guitar. Some of these are instrumental ‘lock-down’ versions of songs I’ve performed in bands.

Ghost Dance

An acoustic guitar instrumental I wrote and recorded live in August 2020.

I Will Break Cups

An instrumental version of a traditional folk song from Smyrna. In the past I’ve also performed this with the band Nonoma.

Evening song

Instrumental loosely based on ‘Save Me’, a song by Aimee Mann.

The Northern Star

Τ’Αστέρι του Βοριά (The Northern Star) was composed by Hatzidakis.

Paper Moon

Xάρτινο το Φεγγαράκι (Paper Moon) was composed by Hatzidakis for the play A Streetcar Named Desire.


The lyrics to Αθανασία (Immortality) were written by the Greek poet Nikos Gatsos, and were set to music by Hatzidakis.